Integrating CPAN into the Perl pipeline

August 14, 2013

Any impediment towards releasing often is a bad thing. As a result, I’ve decided to implement a little bash script that runs the regression tests of a Perl module and upon success, posts the module to CPAN.

# This script is used to automate and move along the CPAN pipeline of
# module creation, and upload to CPAN.

set -e

function die {
        echo "$1"
        exit 1


if [ -e /tmp/$PID ]; then
        die "The directory /tmp/$PID already exists - please remove it before proceding"

if [ ! -e Makefile.PL ]; then
        die "This doesn't appear to be a Makefile.PL controlled module - Exiting"

# Register our cleanup trap
trap "rm -rf /tmp/$PID" EXIT

# Generate a distfile
echo "Generating distfile .."
perl Makefile.PL && make dist && make distclean || die 'Could not create distfile'
DISTFILE=$(ls -1rt *.tar.gz | tail -1)

mkdir -p /tmp/$PID/
mv $DISTFILE /tmp/$PID/
cd /tmp/$PID/

tar zxpvf $DISTFILE
DIRNAME=$( echo $DISTFILE | awk -F".tar.gz" '{print $1}' )
cd $DIRNAME || die "Could not cd to $DIRNAM"

fakeroot perl Makefile.PL && make test || die 'Failed regression tests'

echo "Uploading to PAUSE .."
make dist && cpan-upload $(cpan-upload-options) $(ls -1rt *.tar.gz | tail -1) || die 'Failed to upload to PAUSE'

This way, as soon as I’ve tested and pushed my commits to git, I can promote my new distimage straight to CPAN without the hassle of logging into the web tool. This little extra convenience means more releases, more often.

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